Vector Control

The City has codes in place protecting public health and safety from unsanitary and unhealthful conditions that contribute to the spread of vectors. A vector is an insect or animal that carries a disease that can be transmitted to humans.

Examples of vector-borne diseases are: Bubonic plague, Hantavirus, Encephalitis, West Nile Virus and Lyme disease. These particular diseases are spread to humans by rats, mosquitoes and ticks. Other vectors in the area are the African honeybee, flies, cockroaches and many other insects and animals.

While most vector-borne diseases are found in the tropical parts of the world, there are still issues with diseases spread by vectors in Southern California.

If you notice stagnant water, which may provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes, or an unsanitary condition that is leading to a high rodent population, contact Code and Neighborhood Services at 951.413.3340.

Rodents feeding on exposed food.
Abandoned pool with mosquitos.