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What does the City Attorney do?

The City Council appoints the City Attorney as its chief legal counsel. The City Attorney’s Office serves as “corporate” legal counsel to the City as an entity and advises the City Council and City staff on contractual, regulatory and litigation matters. These matters typically include open meeting and public records laws; conflicts of interests; land use and environmental laws; claims and litigation; municipal elections; employment and labor relations; municipal utilities; procurement and other internal services; code enforcement; and resolutions, ordinances, and other legal documents.

As the City Attorney’s Office does not provide legal advice to individuals, you may want to consider the following resources for private legal assistance:

Does the City Attorney prosecute criminal activity?

The City Attorney’s Office does not typically prosecute criminal activity other than violations of the Municipal Code in certain situations. For information about criminal matters, please contact the District Attorney’s Office at (951) 955-5400 or toll free at(800) 599-9973.


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