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Moreno Master Drainage Plan Line "F", Stage 2 Channel Project

Construction of the Line F, Stage 2 channel, that crosses Nason Street approximately 900 feet north of Iris Avenue, was completed in April 2014. The contractor, Bedon Construction, Inc., work included the grading of the channel, installing 4,500 linear feet of channel invert, completing over 9,000 linear feet of channel concrete walls with 7 junction structures, and a 33” sewer modification. Bedon finalized the access maintenance roads and security fences, and the project was complete and ready for the first heavy rain fall of the season.

City staff had coordinated with Bedon, Eastern Municipal Water District, and Riverside County Flood Control & Water Conservation District (RCFC & WCD) on the construction project. The project has been funded with Storm Drain Area Drainage Fees allocated by RCFC & WCD. The improved channel will be owned and maintained by the RCFC & WCD.

This drainage channel completed a major segment of the public storm drain infrastructure in the City Center area, has helped reduce the flood insurance rates for adjacent property owners, aiding the City to promote and attract new medical related developments, and continue to build upon the expansions underway by surrounding medical facilities.

First Line F concrete slab being poured
Looking east upstream from the Channel Outlet

Trenching of easterly sewer lateral
One of the many inlets into the Regional Channel