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2012 Local Street Pavement Resurfacing

The Public Works Department Capital Projects Division completed this project in April 2012 and resurfaced fifteen (15) local streets with applications of Asphalt Rubber Aggregate Membrane (ARAM) and slurry seal. The streets completed with this project were:

Street Name From To
Alpha Street Lombardy Lane East End
Chukar Lane Elder Avenue Falcon Lane
Elf Owl Lane Sage Grouse Lane Hemlock Avenue
Falcon Lane Elder Avenue Hemlock Avenue
Lombardy Lane Kalmia Avenue Jackyn Avenue
Moreno Vista Street Alpha Street East End
Prairie Dog Lane Chukar Lane East End
Quebrada Court West End Venetian Drive
Rio Grande Drive Delphinium Avenue North End
Rio Hondo Drive Rio Grande Drive Cactus Avenue
Sage Grouse Lane Elder Avenue Hemlock Avenue
Santa Barbara Street San Fernando Street Kitching Street
San Fernando Street Kalmia Avenue Santa Barbara Street
Splendor Way Alpha Street North End
Sunaire Place Kalmia Avenue Moreno Vista Street


Pavement resurfacing Pavement resurfacing