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Reche Vista Drive Realignment

Reche Vista Drive is a major City entryway connecting Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. In its existing winding alignment from Hecock Street to north City Limits, the roadway does not meet current standards for shoulders and horizontal/vertical curvature profile for its roadway classification. With an Average Daily Traffic count of approximately 15,000 vehicles, there is extensive vehicle queuing at the existing all-way stop intersection resulting in a Level of Service E (or significant delay traffic) designation. The collision rate for this segment of the roadway is higher than average based on Caltrans published average collision rates for similar applicable roadway type. The predominant collision type in the area is running off the road, hitting fixed objects, and rear end collisions. Due to the roadway curvature and high volume of traffic, road maintenance is a challenge and concern along this stretch of Reche Vista Drive.
This project is to replace the existing 2,400 foot winding portion of Reche Vista Drive with new roadway alignment. The improvements will consist of grading, asphalt paving to provide two twelve-foot wide travel lanes (one each direction), eight-foot wide paved shoulders (each side), a center twelve-foot wide turning lane at intersections, a traffic signal at the intersection of Heacock Street (west leg), new realigned Reche Vista Drive (north leg), and Perris Boulevard (south leg), miscellaneous storm drain improvements and other appurtenance improvements. The construction is to start in September 2015 and to be completed by June 2016.

The ultimate widening of Reche Vista Drive to four lanes to Reche Canyon Road is a future priority corridor TUMF funded project of the Riverside County Transportation Commission. The County of Riverside Transportation Department previously has initiated a long term plan to study the ultimate alignment and improvements of Reche Vista Drive which could include full width roadway, curb, gutter, sidewalk, and street light; however, the construction of ultimate widening is anticipated in the distant future.