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SR-60/Redlands Boulevard Interchange Project Study Report

The SR-60/Redlands Boulevard interchange was built in 1964. The existing Redlands Boulevard overcrossing is a two-lane bridge structure over SR-60. Based on Caltrans 2013 Traffic Data, the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) traffic volume to the east and west of the interchange is approximately 63,000 vehicles. There are existing geometric deficiencies and access issues inherent in its current configuration leading to significant traffic delays as traffic demand picks up. Embarking on an interchange improvement project is a long process on average taking about eight to ten years from start of studies to completion of construction. The first formal step in the Caltrans process is to prepare a document called a Project Study Report – /Project Development Support (PSR-PDS). The benefits of undertaking a PSR-PDS are to better define the basic scope of improvements, alignments and costs. The PSR-PDS is anticipated to take 12 to 18 month to complete.