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Corporate Yard Facility Phase 1 – Administration Building

The construction is underway for the Corporate yard Facility Phase 1 – Administration Building Project which includes a new fully furnished 5,264  office building and parking lot.  Building interior includes a lobby with ADA compliance public counter, seven offices, twelve cubicles, one conference room, one break room, mechanical room, and modernized restrooms. The site improvements include an asphalt concrete parking lot, two commercial driveways, sidewalks, security fencing, and landscaping along Santiago Drive. There is also an onsite storm drainage system with hydro-seeded swales and a detention basin. Site utilities includes new domestic water, fire water, and on site sewer system.
As of September 2015, the building walls and roof have been constructed.  Various site improvements including water supply lines and parking light poles have also been installed. The construction is anticipated to be completed by March 2016 (weather permitting).