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Cable TV & MV3

Moreno Valley has its own cable television station inside City Hall - MV3. Programming includes City Council and Planning Commission meetings and select special events either sponsored or co-sponsored by the City, a monthly news program, “News Center," and informational videos highlighting city services and programs.

MV3 has a Community Events Board listing public service messages that runs whenever video segments are not on the air. This service is free for government, school and non-profit organizations.

City programming is also shown on on the following stations:

  • MV3 - Award-winning, locally produced government access television coverage of Moreno Valley City Council and Planning Commission meetings, news, information, and public service announcements of City-sponsored events. Available on channel 3 on Time Warner Cable and over the Internet. 
    Watch MV3 programming on YouTube...
  • MVEdTV and VVTV
    Educational access programming of the Moreno Valley Unified School District and the Val Verde Unified School District. Available on Channel 16 on Time Warner Cable. 
  • KRCC
    Educational access programming of the Moreno Valley Campus.

Purchase a Recording

To obtain a copy of any program or meeting that aired on MV3, call 951.413.3056. The fees differ depending upon the media requested.

Please note that we no longer accept media provided by the requester.


  • VHS Tape: $1
  • DVD-R: $2 
  • CD-R (mp3 audio only): $1