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Meet Elena Baca-Santa Cruz

Elena Baca-Santa Cruz was elected to the Moreno Valley City Council in 2022 to represent District 1. Council Member Baca-Santa Cruz is dedicated to advocating for local jobs, increased public safety, community engagement and diversity within District 1 and across Moreno Valley.

Council Member Baca-Santa Cruz first moved to Moreno Valley in 1990 with her mother, Victoria Baca, who wanted a better quality of life for her family. Council Member Baca-Santa Cruz attended Canyon Springs High School and earned an Associate of Science degree in Business Administration at Moreno Valley College and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Chapman University, Moreno Valley Campus.

Council Member Baca-Santa Cruz has worked in public education for more than a decade, providing administrative support at the Riverside Community College District. She has served as an officer of the California School Employees Association Chapter 535 for over 10 years in the roles of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Council Member Baca-Santa Cruz was raised with a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion and has inherited her mother’s passion for community activism. She campaigned and assisted her mother when she was a member of the City Council and became deeply aware of the concerns and needs of the people of Moreno Valley. Through experience, Council Member Baca-Santa Cruz has learned to speak out against injustice and speak up for those impacted by unfair treatment.

A fervent advocate for local jobs, Council Member Baca-Santa Cruz was a member of a team of residents who collected over 10,000 signatures Citywide to bring Skechers to Moreno Valley. Additionally, as a bilingual speaker, she has been able to personally speak with thousands of City residents in her door-to-door campaign work to help better Moreno Valley.

Council Member Baca-Santa Cruz is also a dedicated volunteer. She has been involved with the Moreno Valley Public Library Commission, Palm Middle School PTA, Vista Heights PTA, Canyon Springs Little League, and the Moreno Valley Parents’ Association. She is the recipient of the 2008 Community Service Award by the Moreno Valley Unified School District Board of Education.

Council Member Baca-Santa Cruz is a mother to three adult children and has one grandchild. She resides in District 1 and continues the Baca tradition of public service by taking the Council seat that her late mother, Mayor Pro Team Victoria Baca, held for many years.


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  • Committee and Board Participation


    Primary Alternate Term
    Emerging Leaders Council Baca 12/31/2024
    Environmental and Historical Preservation Board Baca 12/31/2024
    Library Commission Baca 12/31/2024


    Parks & Community Services Council Committee
    Appoint 2 Primary 2 Alternates
    Baca/ Delgado 12/31/2024


    School Districts/City Joint Task Force
    Appoint 2 Primary
    Baca 12/31/2024
    Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) Baca 12/31/2024