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Meet Mayor Pro Tem Cheylynda Barnard

Cheylynda Barnard was elected to the Moreno Valley City Council in 2022 to serve the residents of District 4. She is humbled by the opportunity to represent her community. 

Mayor Pro Tem Barnard is dedicated to increasing services for unhoused people, elevating senior programs throughout the City, expanding activities for working-class families, and ensuring Moreno Valley remains livable and affordable for all residents.

An 18-year resident of Moreno Valley, Mayor Pro Tem Barnard grew up in the Inland Empire and attended Cal State San Bernardino, graduating with political science and criminal justice degrees. 

Her heart for service led to a dedicated career as a social worker. She helps residents throughout Riverside County access vital social resources. Her primary job as a social worker is to ensure Moreno Valley seniors are cared for and safe.

Mayor Pro Tem Barnard lives by the philosophy of doing good, even when nobody is looking.

She serves as Vice President for SEIU Local 721, where she negotiates quality contracts for her union. She serves on the board of directors for the Riverside Community Health Foundation, ensuring equity is achieved in the healthcare sector. As a member of the Inland Empire Labor Council, she strives to give working-class people a seat at the table. 

Mayor Pro Tem Barnard also advocates for Moreno Valley’s arts community as a member of the city’s Arts Commission.

Mayor Pro Tem Cheylynda Barnard or “Chey” as she is known to her loving husband, Jay, are the proud parents of two wonderful young boys.

Whether caring for Moreno Valley’s senior community, fighting for the region’s working class, or handing out food to the homeless, Mayor Pro Tem Barnard is committed to ensuring Moreno Valley continues to thrive.  

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  • Committee and Board Participation


    Primary Alternate Term
    Arts Commission Barnard 12/31/2024
    Parks, Community Services and Trails Committee Barnard 12/31/2024
    Senior Citizens’ Board Barnard 12/31/2024
    Utilities Commission Barnard 12/31/2024


    Finance Subcommittee
           Appoint 2 Primary
    Barnard 12/31/2024
    Public Safety Subcommittee*
           Appoint 2 Primary
    Barnard 12/31/2024
    Parks & Community Services Council Committee
    Appoint 2 Primary 2 Alternates
    Barnard 12/31/2024


    School Districts/City Joint Task Force
    Appoint 2 Primary
    Barnard 12/31/2024
    Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency (RCHCA) Barnard 12/31/2024
    Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) Barnard 12/31/2024