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Multifamily Programs

Nearly 25% of Riverside County's population lives in multi-family communities. To meet the needs of multi-family communities, the City of Moreno Valley, in partnership with Waste Management, has developed effective recycling resources and strategies.

Did You Know?

State law requires owners/managers of a multi-family dwellings of 5 units or more to recycle.

The City of Moreno Valley offers a commercial bundled rate structure that includes a trash and recycling dumpster for one price. Business and multi-family customers may be eligible to receive additional recycling dumpsters under the bundled rate structure. Contact Waste Management to arrange delivery of additional dumpsters. 

If recycling is not provided at your community and you need assistance contact Andrea Morrison, Franchise Account Representative

SB 1383

SB 1383 targets the reduction of methane emissions from landfills. The law establishes a target of 75% reduction in statewide disposal of organic waste by 2025.

Beginning January 1, 2022, all businesses, multi-family complexes, and residential homes are required to recycle their organic waste.

All green waste, food scraps, and food-soiled paper (100% fiber based) must be separated in the green organics’ container provided by Waste Management.

In addition, Edible Food Generators must recover the maximum amount of edible food that would otherwise be disposed of, arrange for food donation and collection through contracts or written agreements with food recovery organizations or services, and maintain food donation records.

For more information, please call 951.413.3109 or visit

Free Waste Audit

Contact Andrea Morrison, Franchise Account Representative 951.214.1873 to get started with a FREE waste audit.

Recycling Resources

Moreno Valley offers recycling resources to make recycling easy and convenient for both property managers and tenants. Resources include posters, flyers, and durable reusable bags to help transport recyclables to on-site recycling areas.

Recycling Program Support

The City also provides the following support to help with on-site recycling and waste prevention:

  • Site visits and waste reduction consultation
  • Presentations at tenant association and community room events
  • Information for tenant newsletters, emails and new tenant packets
  • Assistance promoting reuse and how to prevent waste